I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

** REVIEW **  TEXAS-SIZED TROUBLE by Barb HanTexas-Sized Trouble by Barb Han
Series: Cattlemen Crime Club
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on February 1, 2017
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A Texas reunion turns old rivals into soon-to-be parents

For as long as the O'Briens have run their ranch, their rivals have been the McCabes. So when Ryder O'Brien returns home to his brothers, only one thing can screw things up: getting involved with Faith McCabe. There's no temptation greater in Texas, and Ryder is about to pay the price for their forbidden fling.

Because just as their passion ignites, Faith up and leaves…only to return five months later, seeking Ryder's help finding her missing brother—and pregnant with Ryder's baby. Ryder O'Brien may have held grudges longer than he ought to, but he always does right by his kin. Especially when the woman about to change his life is in danger.

Falling for a member of the rival family in your town isn’t the smartest move, but Ryder O’Brien and Faith McCabe just seemed to happen upon each other when they both were in a place that they needed a friend … and more.  Though things ended badly, Faith knows that when she needs help, Ryder is the only one she can turn to!  The latest in Barb Han’s Cattlemen Crime Club series takes us through their story and the hunt for answers.  It’s exciting, riveting and gives us a happy feeling inside when we see how much they overcome to be together!

Faith might be a member of the dreaded McCabe family, but Ryder thought she was different from the rest … until she up and left him in a cold-hearted and humiliating way.  He has no use for the likes of her anymore either.

Faith didn’t want to end things with Ryder, but when faced with a situation that terrified her, she set a plan in motion that would extricate her from the relationship in the best way to move forward with her plan.  Now she’s back and asking for help to find her missing brother.  Ryder is hesitant to have anything more to do with her … until she drops her bombshell on him … they’re having a baby!  Can he get them through the danger that is stirring around them and keep them safe for the long haul?


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