* Review * THE ARGENTINIAN’S VIRGIN CONQUEST by Bella FrancesThe Argentinian's Virgin Conquest by Bella Frances
Series: Claimed by a Billionaire
Published by Harlequin Presents on April 1, 2017
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His most tempting conquest!

Lucinda Bond might be descended from English nobility, but her aloofness hides painful insecurities. Painful enough that she's never allowed herself to be touched.

Then Dante Hermida sweeps her from the Caribbean Sea, assuming she's drowning, and Lucie finds herself in the arms of Argentina's most outrageous playboy! His arrogance challenges her, but his caressing gaze ignites a desperate desire…

Despite Lucie's defiant facade, soon Dante has her at his sensual command! But discovering Lucie's innocence, this dark-hearted Argentinian finds himself longing to claim her…with a need that shows no sign of abating!

Two lost souls buried in subterfuge finally meet their soul mate! Bella Frances takes us along for the ride as she weaves a magical story filled with painful pasts, passionate awakenings and longings for a forever they have only been able to dream of! Great characters who charmed their way into our hearts.

Desperate to escape the pressures surrounding her, Lady Lucinda Bond is simple going for a swim when she is abruptly disturbed and manhandled by none other than Argentinian playboy Dante Hermida! In Dante’s defense, he thinks he’s rescuing her from drowning, but it doesn’t lessen her fury one bit!

Dante can’t believe the uppity airs surrounding Lucie. So what if she stems from English nobility, she’s still lucky he gave her the time of day! The two butt heads as they challenge the shields they each have up to protect themselves from the scars of life. She lives her life hiding from the limelight, and he spends his life partying in it.

When they suddenly find themselves in need of the other one’s help, they agree to spend a short time together and then go their separate ways … after they throw a fling into the mix of course!



  1. I gave this book 4 Stars too. Lucinda’s mom – What a witch! !

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