* Review * THE ARMY DOC’S CHRISTMAS ANGEL by Annie O’NeilThe Army Doc's Christmas Angel by Annie O'Neil
Series: Hope Children's Hospital #3
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on December 1, 2018
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Letting go of his past…

…to embrace their future!

In this Hope Children’s Hospital story, pediatrician Dr. Finn Morgan keeps himself fiercely private—after losing his leg in Afghanistan, he pushed everyone away. So his unexpected attraction to colleague, physiotherapist Naomi Collins, infuriates him! Something in her stunning eyes tells him she’s a survivor too. Christmas is a time for healing, maybe they’ll both find what they’ve both been looking for—in each other’s arms…

Hope Children’s Hospital miniseries:
Book 1 — Their Newborn Baby Gift by Alison Roberts
Book 2 — One Night, One Unexpected Miracle by Caroline Anderson
Book 3 — The Army Doc’s Christmas Angel by Annie O’Neil
Book 4 — The Billionaire’s Christmas Wish by Tina Beckett


A hope for healing! An emotional venture into two lost souls who are instantly drawn to each other when they meet. He’s scarred and angry, she’s wounded temptation … together they can’t resist taking a chance on each other and healing the rifts life has left behind. A touching story!

Pediatrician Finn Morgan isn’t happy about this new-found attraction he’s feeling for his new colleague. He doesn’t want attention drawn to his on-going readjustments to losing a limb, but having her underfoot is sure to produce some.

Physiotherapist Naomi Collins has her own share of past happenings she’d love to be able to produce a different outcome for, but she’s determined to help their newest charge as she recognizes some of his fear and anxiety from her own childhood.


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