* Review * THE ART OF RUNNING IN HEELS by Rachel Gibson

* Review * THE ART OF RUNNING IN HEELS by Rachel GibsonThe Art of Running in Heels by Rachel Gibson
Published by Avon on December 26, 2017
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Running in five-inch stilettos is an art form

Leaving your fiancé at the altar on live television is a disaster. Lexie Kowalsky thought she was ready to get married in front of millions of people, but at the last minute she fled the set of television’s hottest reality show, Gettin’ Hitched. Wearing a poofy white dress and a pair of five-inch sparkly shoes, Lexie hopped a float plane for Sandspit, Canada. She figured no one would find her there. But she was wrong.

Sharing her flight was the Seattle Chinooks biggest star, Sean Knox. Lexie wasn’t just a reality-show runaway, she was his pain in the butt coach’s daughter. She was chaos and temptation and definitely off limits, but getting her luscious body out of that wedding gown, he couldn’t resist getting her in his bed for one amazing night.

Then a photo of Sean and Lexi breaks the internet—and suddenly they’re both swept up in a crazy plan to spin the whole story. But you can’t run from love—


Sassy & fun! I could have done with a little more concentration of actual hockey, but the people were a treat regardless. It was easy to connect with Lexie & Sean and his mother, she was an unexpected delight! Lots of drama, laughter and some steamy chemistry to round it all out!

Leaving a groom standing at the alter seems to run in the family! Alexis Kowalsky can’t seem to get out of the mess she got herself into, so she feels like she has no other choice than to just run! In her wedding dress, in heels, in full tv makeup! This reality show idea of hers was quite the blunder!

Seattle Chinooks hockey player has no idea who Lexie is at first … and when he does figure it out, he doesn’t pony up their connection. She’s clueless to the fact that he’s on her father’s hockey team, so when things get heated between them while in Canada, she goes with the flow … but man does that come back to bite them when a picture hits the tabloids!


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