I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE BILLIONAIRE’S CONVENIENT BRIDE by Liz FieldingThe Billionaire's Convenient Bride by Liz Fielding
Published by Harlequin Romance on April 1, 2019
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The tycoon returns…

…with a convenient proposal!

Since Kam Faulkner’s mother unjustly lost her job at Priddy Castle after his stolen moment with the owner’s granddaughter, Agnés Prideaux, Kam has dreamed of revenge. Years later, billionaire Kam is back to buy the castle—but finds Agnés has inherited the crumbling estate! A convenient marriage could solve both their problems, but their rekindling attraction is anything but convenient… Could this be Kam’s second chance with his first love?


Second chances are oh so sweet! A storybook setting whisks us into the heart of a reunion of first loves. She never forgot him, and though he wants to hate her, he finds himself remembering the good times instead. Will he overtake her legacy in revenge or will he decide to stand by her side and fight to restore the beauty that once was? An enjoyable modern day fairy tale!

A decade has passed since Kam Faulkner and his housekeeper mother were kicked out of their cottage and the only home he had known at that point. A childhood friendship with the granddaughter of the manor had blossomed into more as their teenage hearts interacted, and her grandfather Sir Hugo wasn’t having it. His mother lost her job and they had to leave their home immediately. Kam is now a self-made millionaire and is back for revenge!

Agnes Prideaux has adored Kam since she laid eyes on him at around age three, and her adoration grew into love as they aged. She was heartbroken when her grandfather banished him, but she knew chasing after him wouldn’t do either of them any good. Now she and Priddy Castle are in dire straits, and Kam has come knocking to get his revenge. It doesn’t take long for his mindset to change and instead, he’s offering the solution of marriage to save her beloved home.


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