* Review * THE BREAKDOWN by B.A. Paris

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE BREAKDOWN by B.A. ParisThe Breakdown by B.A. Paris
Published by St. Martin's Press on July 18, 2017
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If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods, on the winding rural road, in the middle of a downpour, with the woman sitting inside—the woman who was killed. She’s been trying to put the crime out of her mind; what could she have done, really? It’s a dangerous road to be on in the middle of a storm. Her husband would be furious if he knew she’d broken her promise not to take that shortcut home. And she probably would only have been hurt herself if she’d stopped.

But since then, she’s been forgetting every little thing: where she left the car, if she took her pills, the alarm code, why she ordered a pram when she doesn’t have a baby.

The only thing she can’t forget is that woman, the woman she might have saved, and the terrible nagging guilt.

Or the silent calls she’s receiving, or the feeling that someone’s watching her…

An electrifying delve into guilt, terror and the unknown! Strong characters and a plot that keeps you guessing right up until the end!

Cass Anderson can’t forget that night. A crazy downpour, heading home by herself in the dark, taking the shortcut along a dark desolate road that she knew would infuriate her husband, seeing the woman in a car, being too scared to get out of her car to offer help. She can’t just go on about her life like everyone seems to be doing around her, because she has a secret. No one knows that she was there that night. No one knows that she saw the woman but didn’t stop to help … the woman that turned up dead the next morning.

Now she’s losing her mind. She forgets her keys, forgets she took her pills, gets the alarm code backwards … and those calls. Those unknown, silent calls are driving her crazy. She can’t take this guilt anymore … she can’t handle the feeling that someone is watching her … she can’t tolerate the phone ringing.



  1. wonderful review!! I tried to read this book, but just couldn’t. Too scaredy cat 😀

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