I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE BROODING SURGEON’S BABY BOMBSHELL by Susan CarlisleThe Brooding Surgeon's Baby Bombshell by Susan Carlisle
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on July 1, 2018
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One night, unexpected consequences…!

But can they be a family?

After sparks fly with Dr. Gabriel Marks at a conference, nurse Zoe Avery’s left with a permanent reminder of their night together. Knowing Gabe doesn’t want kids, Zoe decides she’ll have the baby alone. Then Gabe moves to the same city just as pregnant Zoe needs a temporary home. Gabe comes to her rescue, but can they overcome their hurdles and become a family?


A surprise baby, a steamy attraction and real-life always popping up to keep them on their toes! A nice ground-work is laid for the story from the beginning of the book, and we get to know more about the characters as the story progresses. Zoe is really stubborn and fairly selfish in how she sees this whole baby thing, so she’s a bit hard to like. Gabe immediately steps up and wants to be a part of the process, so we feel for him as she tries to push him away. A solid read!

When attraction gets the better of them at a conference, Dr. Gabriel Marks and nurse Zoe Avery decide to have a fling before they each return home to their lives across the country from each other. He’s a busy transplant doctor, she’s a patient advocate with personal issues of her own that take up a lot of her time. They expect to possibly see each other again in six months at the next meeting, but other than that, go on about their lives.

When the next conference rolls around, Gabe is shocked to see that Zoe is pregnant. She knew from discussions they had previously that he wasn’t interested in marriage and a family, so she decided she’s having this baby on her own. It turns out Gabe is moving to her neck of the woods at just the right time when she needs a temporary place to live, and he’s not backing down now that he knows they have a child on the way … he plans to be a father to this baby!


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