REVIEW: The Escort – Laura Marie Altom

The Escort

4 STARS!!!


Nathan Black was best friends with Ella and wanted her for his own.  Carol Moore worked for and previously dated billionaire Liam Stone and wanted him back.  Unfortunately for them, Liam and Ella meet and fall in love.  Now as they are miserably watching Ella and Liam exchange wedding vows, Nathan and Carol sneak off to drown their sorrows in each other.  It’s only meant to be a distraction from their heartbreak, but neither of them can forget the other and eventually hook up again and begin to date.

Nathan feels like he’s not good enough for Carol because he is broke and working a dead end job, so when a job offer that’s too good to be true comes along, he decides to take it.  Being an escort for Uma Rosemont at Guilty Pleasures seems like easy money, and it gives Nathan the perks that he feels he needs to be worthy of dating Carol.  Down the road when he decides to quit, things get ugly with Uma.  She makes veiled threats of what will happen if he doesn’t earn her the money back that she spent buying him a wardrobe, a car, an apartment, training him, etc.  He doesn’t want to scare Carol and thinks he can handle Uma himself, so he doesn’t tell her the truth and continues going on jobs for Uma.

When it all explodes and a crime is committed, will Nathan be taken down in a set up?  Will Carol ever be able to forgive him for lying to her about quitting?  Will the love they are feeling for each other be enough to get them through the fall out of everything falling apart?  Read the book to find out!

** Received free from Laura/NetGalley to review **

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