* Review * THE FEARLESS KING by Katee Robert

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE FEARLESS KING by Katee RobertThe Fearless King by Katee Robert
Series: The Kings #2
Published by Forever on February 5, 2019
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Journey King is an expert at managing the family business. But when her father returns to Houston hell-bent on making a play for the company, Journey will do anything to stop him, even if that means going to Frank Evans for help. Frank deals in information, the dirtier the better. Rugged and rock solid, he's by far her best ally -- and also the most dangerous.

Frank knows better than to get tangled up with the Kings. But something about Journey's rare vulnerability drags him deep into enemy territory... and into her darkest past. Pretending to be her boyfriend may be necessary for their plan to work, but Frank soon finds helping Journey is much more than just another job - and he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


Heart-pounding intrigue! I didn’t know if it was possible for Katee Robert to match the raw potency of her The O’Malleys series, but she’s blowing me away once again with The Kings. Beckett’s story grabbed my heart in Book One and now she’s back with a powerful follow-up that has Journey reaching out to the one man she never thought she’d go to for help … and it’s delicious! Intense emotion and danger around every corner, characters that keep you on your toes keeping up with them, and top-notch heat and suspense. I think the backstory from Book One could have been woven in a little stronger in order to make it a true stand-alone for those who pick it up here, but overall a really phenomenal read to kick off this gal’s 2019!

Journey King is a cool cucumber when it comes to getting things done in the business world, but the one person who can bring her to her knees in defeat has returned to Houston intent on making a play on the company. She knows Frank should be an enemy of sorts since he was instrumental in getting her mother ousted from the company, but he’s is a powerful man and possible the only one that can put a stop to the train wreck her father intends to unravel.

Frank Evans knows the rival side of the King family opposite his best friend Beckett should be off-limits now that things have settled down, but he can tell there’s something to the fact that Journey is seeking him out. The fear in her eyes isn’t normal, and he can’t turn his back on that in the end. His pretending to be her boyfriend is the easiest way to get him close to Kingdom Corp and her family, but along the way the fake starts to feel all too real when the danger starts to overwhelm them!



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