* Review * THE GO-TO GIRL by Leigh Riker

* Review * THE GO-TO GIRL by Leigh RikerThe Go-To Girl by Leigh Riker
Published by leighbbooks on August 14, 2020
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Personal shopper Tess O’Neill is everybody’s Go-To Girl. Finding the right thing for a client is a no-brainer. Fixing her own life? That’s a different matter because Tess can’t seem to get over her charming ex-husband. But giving him another chance would mean risking her hard-won independence—and Tess’s heart again.

Recovering gambler Grady O’Neill knows Tess doesn’t trust him any more than she does her poker-playing father. Grady can’t blame her. He was never an ace in life’s deck of cards, and he did break her heart. Still, he’s not the messed-up guy he used to be. How to convince his personal Go-To Girl they still belong together?

She can’t take the gamble. He has to bet it all. Or, can they both win this game?


A heartwarming reunion of first loves! THE GO-TO GIRL by Leigh Riker quickly stole my heart when I met Tess and Grady. The characters are flawed but redeemable and their love is super sweet.

Tess is complex. She’s been hurt and is deservedly bitter, but she’s good natured and kind. Her revelations along the way show the growth she’s indulging in as she finally stands up for herself and what she needs.

Grady is a doll. He hurt her almost beyond repair with his actions in the past, but he’s a changed man and sincerely wants to prove that to the woman who still owns his heart.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a reunion of ex-spouses who have a whole lot of love still in their hearts for each other, but also a lot of fences to mend.


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