* Review * THE ITALIAN’S RUNAWAY PRINCESS by Andrea Bolter

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE ITALIAN’S RUNAWAY PRINCESS by Andrea BolterThe Italian's Runaway Princess by Andrea Bolter
Published by Harlequin Romance on September 1, 2018
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Is life outside the palace walls…

…everything she dreamed of?

When billionaire Gio Grassi rescued a beautiful stranger on the streets of Florence, he never imagined she’d be royalty! Princess Luciana’s innocence compels Gio to protect her, and her vivacity intrigues him. But Gio’s been betrayed before and he can’t let it happen again. With Luciana’s arranged royal wedding only weeks away, can this chance encounter change the course of these two lives—forever?


A delightful stolen holiday! The characters meet by chance under a ruse of disguise, yet there’s something about each other that attracts the attention of the other in the blink of an eye. Stolen moments turn into happily ever afters as they find their way to be together. The storyline had a sweet and innocent feel to it, yet was captivating. Really enjoyed their story!

When billionaire Gio Grassi rescues a damsel in distress in the streets of Florence, he never would have guessed she was a royal in disguise! He’s not big on secrets after being betrayed in the past, so how will he react to her little bombshell?

Princess Luciana has fled her island of Izerote in order to catch her breath and ground herself before the arranged wedding she’s supposed to take part in a few weeks from now. Gio has a spirit about him that takes her breath away, and her innocence and attitude equally enthrall him. They might only have a few stolen weeks together, but she’s going to make memories to last!


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