* Review * THE LAST TRUE COWBOY by Laura Drake

* Review * THE LAST TRUE COWBOY by Laura DrakeThe Last True Cowboy by Laura Drake
Series: Chestnut Creek #1
Published by Forever on December 4, 2018
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This cowboy's got one last chance to prove himself.

Carly Beauchamp has loved cowboy Austin Davis since first grade. Ask anyone in their dusty, backwater New Mexico town of Unforgiven, and they'll say "Carly and Austin" the way some say "big trucks and country boys." But after years of waiting for a wedding ring, Carly's done with being a rodeo widow . . .

Austin never meant to put his career on the circuit before Carly. She's always been his future, his one and only. But now that she's moved on, he's beginning to see where he went wrong, and he'll do anything to win her back. The only thing is, Carly's suddenly acting differently, and she's definitely hiding a secret-one that will test the depth of their love and open up a whole new world of possibilities.


With the first book in a brand new series from Laura Drake, we are introduced to the town of Unforgiven, New Mexico and settle in to the story of the “it” couple in town. She’s running her family cafe just waiting for him to marry her, and he’s having too much fun traveling from one rodeo town to another to realize that she’s tired of waiting. The fallout from her walking away might be more than this couple can recover from, no matter how much they have always loved each other! The story is comprised of really interesting characters who were quick to grab my attention, and other than a few timeline tidbits that didn’t seem to add up it was a solid read. Looking forward to another visit to Unforgiven soon!

Carly Beauchamp never expected to still be waiting on that promised “forever” at almost thirty. She’s been in love with one man for her entire life, but she’s getting really tired of playing second fiddle to the rodeo. How many times can she hear “just one more year” before she explodes? She never wanted to walk away from him, but she just couldn’t handle being pushed to the wayside one more time … now she’s in a place she never wanted or expected. She’s dug herself so far into a hole, she’s not sure she can manage the climb out.

Rodeo cowboy Austin Davis thought Carly would always be there. He’s always planned to settle down with her after the thrill of the rodeo is over and start their own dream business while they grow old raising a family … but too little, too late is what he offered her. He can’t believe this time she really means she’s walking away, but as days pass without her in them, he starts to open his eyes … he really did take her for granted! Now he’s got to do everything in his power to win her back … and hope he’s not too late!


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