* Review * THE MENTOR AND THE MASTER by Tara Sue Me

* Review * THE MENTOR AND THE MASTER by Tara Sue MeThe Mentor and the Master by Tara Sue Me
Series: Sumissive Series Novella
Published by After Six Publishing on December 17, 2018
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Before he became her Master, he had to be a mentee.

Before he became her teacher, he had to be a student.

Before he becomes her everything, he has to tell her all…

As Cole and Sasha prepare to become one permanently, they have a visit from old friends. Fritz and Kate aren’t in town for long, but Fritz recently found a journal he wants Cole to have.

Sasha doesn’t understand why Cole is so secretive about a journal from years ago. She tries to ignore her growing unease, but the delivery of a mysterious red envelope changes everything.

Cole has demanded complete honesty from Sasha. Is he prepared to give her the same?


He’s on the verge of making her his everything when his past comes back to haunt him! Cole and Sasha are enjoying their life together when he gets reminded of a time in his life that he’d rather forget. Dredging it all to the surface again just might change their happily ever after! I always enjoy seeing the members of the group again, so it’s always a joy to read another book in the series, but this one was a bit too short and left some development out. I also found it hard to connect with Cole when he showed his coldness towards her when he was the one in the wrong for keeping secrets. Loved reading it, but not my fav in the series.

Investigative journalist Cole Johnson is on the verge of having everything he’s ever desired. He’s finally in a relationship that completes him, and he’d give his soul in order to fulfill all of her needs. Just when it seems everything is perfect, a visitor brings a blast from his past that sets him on edge.

Florist Sasha Blake has finally found fulfillment in her life at Cole’s side. She adores being with him, and is pleased he wants forever, but even though she enjoys Fritz and Kate’s company, this visit from them has her on edge for some reason. Cole’s attitude change when Fritz presents him with an old journal makes her nervous, but when a suspicious red envelope arrives, she has to find out what’s going on!


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