* Review * THE RANCHER by Sarah M. Anderson

* Review * THE RANCHER  by Sarah M. AndersonThe Rancher by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: Men of the White Sandy #2
on November 30, 2017
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Mary Beth is the kind of woman who wishes she had a five-second delay on her mouth. The swath of verbal destruction she leaves is why she goes west to start over. But any resolve to hold her tongue is lost immediately when she meets Jacob, a Lakota cowboy who says next to nothing – especially about the black leather mask that covers half his face.

Jacob’s silence is his armor in a white man’s world, but even that isn’t enough to protect him – or the mute girl he guards – from forces he can’t control. Fascinated by the masked cowboy and drawn to defend the girl, Mary Beth finds herself in the middle of a decades-old power struggle that only she could talk her way out of.

Note: This book was previously published as Masked Cowboy in 2013


A connection when you least expect it! Veterinarian Mary Beth Hofstetter never expected to find love when she moved her practice out west to Faith Ridge, South Dakota, but it seems to be knocking at her door regardless of whether she wants it or not! The characters are quick to snag our attention. He’s a quiet, inexperienced in the ways of life Lakota cowboy, she’s an outspoken, go for what you want woman of the world … they don’t fit, but yet they do! A passion filled story with a soft and gentle side as he tries to protect the little girl that means so much to him from the danger that lurks nearby.

Mary Beth really can’t figure out what is up with the cowboy she deals with on almost a daily basis. In the evening he seems to almost flirt with her, but during the day he’s serious and almost surly. She can’t deny she’s attracted to him … even though half of his face is injured and covered in a mask, he brings new meaning to the term hunk!

Jacob Plenty Holes has worked hard to protect those close to him, but the dangers lurking around in the shadows still taunt him. He doesn’t know who was behind his injury and the death of his best friend a few years ago, but he’ll do anything in his power to protect the little girl he hides away. Mary Beth is a complication … she’s kind and good-hearted and sexy as all get out … but giving in to a relationship with her will bring danger in her direction as well. Can he keep resisting her?


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