* Review * THE SEAL’S SECRET DAUGHTER by Christy Jeffries

* Review * THE SEAL’S SECRET DAUGHTER by Christy JeffriesThe SEAL's Secret Daughter by Christy Jeffries
Series: American Heroes , Sugar Falls, Idaho
Published by Harlequin Special Edition on March 1, 2019
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A Daddy on a Mission

In this new installment of American Heroes

When ex-SEAL Ethan Renault settles in Sugar Falls, Idaho, the last thing he expects to find on his doorstep…is his daughter. The soldier turned insta-dad is desperate for help—and librarian Monica Alvarez is just the woman to help him connect with his little girl. But when sparks fly between them, the soldier realizes his next mission might just be to turn their no-strings romance into a forever family!


A heartfelt return to Sugar Falls! It’s always a joy to return to this small-town filled with love and laughter, but this visit was particularly sweet. Ethan never even thinks about turning his back on the little girl he can see desperately needs him, and it just so happens that lady luck has shined down on him and made the woman he’s already been interested in getting to know be the one that wins his daughters heart first. The characters are super easy to love and the story line won over my heart quickly. One of my favs in the series for sure!

Former Navy SEAL Ethan Renault is trying to find his place. He’s only been out of the service for a few months and has tentatively settled into Sugar Falls, Idaho … although you couldn’t prove it based on the unpacked boxes and scarce lived in look of his apartment. He’s been busy filling his days with the things he needs to keep his mind at ease. Meetings with like minded folks, breakfast flirting with his favorite waitress at the diner, and just generally settling into a normal life for a change. The last thing he expects is for his old high school girlfriend to drop a half grown kid he had no idea he even had on his door step!

Librarian and part-time waitress Monica Alvarez is doing her best to keep things afloat for her and her Gran as Gran’s memory continues to deteriorate … she has had her eye on the sexy soldier for awhile too, but the last thing she has time for is a man. That all changes when she meets his heartbroken little girl. How can she not step up and be a friend to those sad eyes? It turns out they are all good for each other and they wind up forming a quasi-family helping with the kiddo and with Gran as often as they can. The attraction that was already simmering eventually boils over and they have to decide if this family thing is going to be forever!


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