* Review * THE SHERIFF by Sarah M. Anderson

* Review * THE SHERIFF by Sarah M. AndersonThe Sheriff by Sarah M. Anderson
Series: Men of the White Sandy #5
on March 6, 2018
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The last thing he needs is another person he has to protect…

Tim Means is the sheriff on the White Sandy Reservation—a thankless job on the best of days. He’s trying to keep a gang war from breaking out, vigilantes from running amuck and he’s doing it all with a two-man force. When a kid named Georgey gets busted breaking into the Clinic, Tim doesn’t have time to keep the kid on the straight and narrow. He needs a relative to take the teen off his hands.

But who? The only person who could take custody of Georgey is Summer Johnson, Georgey’s half-sister. She hasn’t been on the White Sandy in almost twelve years . But what choice does she have? She made a promise to her father to look out for her little brother, so she gives up her job teaching summer school and her hopes of a summer fling to venture west and meet a brother she barely remembers. But what she finds on the White Sandy is more than just a family or a sense of belonging. She meets one sexy sheriff and suddenly, a summer fling seems like just the thing.

But things on the White Sandy are never simple—or easy. When the gang war threatens Summer and her brother, will Tim be able to do his job—or will his heart get in the way?

Warning: This book features smart-mouthed teenagers, poverty issues, dyslexia, jackalopes, and car sex. Plan accordingly!


Unexpected love at it’s best! I’ve really enjoyed this entire series, but Sheriff Tim turned out to be one of my very favorites. I wasn’t expecting it. I went into the book thinking he was a surly jerk … but it didn’t take long to figure out that he really had a heart of gold. Great characters, an emotional story of family and second chances and a sweet love story. Great read!

When Sheriff Tim Means of the White Sandy Reservation in South Dakota discovers teenage Georgey a guest of his lovely jail cell, he’s at his wits end. The family that this kid has around is no kind of good influence, but the only other relative he knows of is his half-sister who hasn’t been around since he was just a little tyke. He decides he’ll try anything and gives her a call in Minneapolis.

Summer Collins has plans to teach summer school and have a summer vacation fling, but when she hears that her little brother needs her, she agrees to head to White Sandy as soon as possible. She plans to stay for awhile to get Georgey used to her in a familiar setting before she takes him back home with her, but sparks start to fly between her and the sheriff right from the start. Perhaps she’ll be having that summer fling after all!


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