* Review * THE SPANISH DUKE’S HOLIDAY PROPOSAL by Robin GiannaThe Spanish Duke's Holiday Proposal by Robin Gianna
Series: Christmas in Manhattan
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on November 1, 2017
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Temporary Christmas fiancée—to future duchess!

When paramedic Mateo Alves unexpectedly becomes heir to his family's dukedom, he's asked to return home. But Mateo loves his New York career. So when sparks fly between him and beautiful ER doc Miranda Davenport, he sees a way to appease his family over the holidays…

Miranda can't believe she's agreed to be Mateo's temporary fiancée, but as love child to the head of the wealthy Davenports, she knows all about troubled families. Can a magical Spanish Christmas together bring them both the happiness and belonging they deserve?


Robin Gianna always knows all of the right buttons to push to pull at our heart strings! With Mateo and Miranda’s story, she gives us two accomplished people who carry scars of their past on their shoulders and yearn for a closer knit place in the world. The characters are well developed and the plot was fast moving and kept us entrenched in their story. I would have been happy to read a bit more of their relationship evolving into forever … but overall a very enjoyable read!

Happenstance puts New York paramedic Mateo Alves and Dr. Miranda Davenport in the right place at the right time to help each other during a bit of a stir up outside of the hospital. The friendship they strike up leads Mateo to ask a big favor … for Miranda to pretend to be his fiancee on a trip back home to Spain in order to get his parents to back off about him returning home to take over his newly passed down title of Duke full time!

Miranda isn’t so sure about this whole arrangement, but she likes Mateo and is willing to put in the time to help him. As they explore his countryside and delve into getting to know each other’s past better, they find themselves falling for each other for real!


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