I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE SURGEON KING’S SECRET BABY by Amy RuttanThe Surgeon King's Secret Baby by Amy Ruttan
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on January 1, 2018
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A family by New Year’s Eve?

Reagan Cote left war-torn Hermosa thinking the gorgeous surgeon she’d shared a brief affair with was lost on the front line. So she clung to the child she was carrying.

While Kainan Laskaris’s voice is damaged, he’s alive. And when he finds Reagan in Toronto and discovers he’s dad to their sick baby boy, he asks her to marry him. Now he’s king of Hermosa, he needs a queen and heir, but before she’ll accept, Kainan must prove that marrying Reagan means more than claiming his kingdom.


Unexpectedly reunited! Thrilled to see each other again after mis-truths are revealed and secrets start unravelling, Regan and Kainan try to forge through the obstacles surrounding them to see whether they can share a future together. The characters are fairly diverse and the plot is interesting. It might have lifted the interest a bit more to have lived more of the backstory as part of the current plot, but overall an enjoyable read.

The night before she shipped back home, trauma surgeon Regan Cote had one night of passion with her fellow surgeon Kainan Laskaris in war-torn Hermosa. She was devastated to hear that her friend and lover was killed right after he left their camp, and when she later discovered she was pregnant, she cherished the thought of having a piece of him live on.

Believed dead Kainan was actually only injured, but was left unable to speak/communicate properly. Imagine both of their surprises when they wind up working at the same hospital again. When Kainan, now secretly the King of Hermosa learns of their son, he immediately wants to make her his Queen, but she’s not so easily convinced that they fit into each other’s worlds!


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