I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW * THE TEMPORARY MRS. MARCHETTI by Melanie MilburneThe Temporary Mrs. Marchetti by Melanie Milburne
Published by Harlequin Presents on March 1, 2017
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The rules of engagement…

When Cristiano Marchetti proposes to former mistress Alice Piper, the deal has an expiry date. He has six months to fulfil the conditions of his grandmother's will. But the hotelier has another agenda—exacting revenge on Alice for daring to walk away seven years before!

Alice needs the financial security her enemy is providing, but soon their every clash is a shockingly tempting encounter. Yet as she uncovers the man beneath the hard-hearted exterior, the future Mrs. Marchetti wonders if she could break the rules of their engagement…and walk down the aisle as more than Cristiano's temporary bride!

A really great reunion story!  The characters had a deep connection filled with steamy passion as well as an argumentative heat that made scenes between them really attention getting.  I enjoyed them!

When hotelier Christiano Marchetti is handed the opportunity to exact revenge on his former lover who walked out on him seven years ago, he jumps at the chance.  He has never been able to get her out of his mind, and now with a method of forcing her to marry him … temporarily … at his disposal, he is relishing the thought of revenge!

Alice Piper could definitely use the money she’s being offered for this short marriage to Christiano, but it goes against all that she’s ever believed in.  Can she really bring herself to do it?  And as they spend time together and she starts to see the man she never took the time to get to know all those years ago, she wonders if she made a grave mistake in walking out on his love back then. Can she convince him to make the marriage a real one?


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