* Review * THE TWIN TEST by Rula Sinara

* Review * THE TWIN TEST by Rula SinaraThe Twin Test by Rula Sinara
Series: From Kenya, with Love
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on May 1, 2018
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His twins might be wild...

But she knows just how to tame them—and their father

Earthquake expert Dax Calder brings his eleven-year-old twins to the Serengeti to fulfill a promise to his late wife—never leave the girls. Meeting free-spirited teacher Pippa Harper feels like serendipity. She’s the perfect nanny for his mischievous twosome, even if her definition of rules is slightly different than his. But there’s one rule Dax never expected to break…falling in love again.


Enchanting scenery, precocious children and a sweet love story! If you’ve been reading along with Rula Sinara’s From Kenya, With Love series, you will recognize the heroine of this story. Pippa Harper is the all grown up version of the child we met in Book 1, The Promise of Rain, a few years back. It’s always fun to see someone we’ve met previously come into their own and find their very own happily ever after. The story was intriguing with lots of emotional depth, as well as some humor mixed in with those trickster girls! Very enjoyable read!

The promise that Dax Calder made to his late wife to always be there for his twin daughters has him uprooting them often to go along on his work expeditions. This job in Kenya lets him not only earn the money he needs, but also be close to a historical area that intrigues his seismologist by trade heart. Circumstances might have forced him out of that field right now, but studying earthquakes is his hearts passion.

Teacher Pippa Harper happens to be in the right place at the right time to help Dax out of a fix. Seems his nanny has abandoned him, and he needs someone to entertain his daughters. If this unexpected job can earn her more money for the school she’s saving to build, she’s willing to help out … but she’s not so sure about these wild child girls of his … they seems to be out to run off everyone but their father!


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