* Review * THE WAY BACK TO ERIN by Cerella Sechrist

* Review * THE WAY BACK TO ERIN by Cerella SechristThe Way Back to Erin by Cerella Sechrist
Series: A Findlay Roads Story
Published by Harlequin Heartwarming on February 1, 2018
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He didn’t feel at home anywhere…except with her

Fifteen years ago, Erin crushed Burke Daniels by choosing his brother over him. Now, after being left at the altar by his fiancée, Burke’s back in Findlay Roads trying to put his life back together—and falling for his now-widowed sister-in-law all over again.

He skipped town when Erin broke his heart. But after bonding with her son—his nephew—and realizing he still loves her, Burke doesn’t know how he can ever leave Erin again. Even if she tells him he has to…


An emotional journey of loss and how to move forward afterwards. Erin and Burke nabbed my attention quickly. I felt for both of them for how their story of the past played out. She was went one way in her life while he went another and now that they have a possibility of a future in front of them again, it’s hard for her to rectify the choices she made previously into a decision for her current future. She made it a little difficult to like her because she was so rigid, but his devotion to how he felt for all of these years even softened the edges of her prickliness. I really enjoyed their story!

Burke Daniels isn’t sure what he should be feeling right now considering his fiancee just left him standing at the altar, but relief probably isn’t part of it! He left Findlay Roads fifteen years ago with a broken heart, and now here he is living there again and at the point of starting over.

Erin Daniels might have chosen his brother over him all those years ago, but she never said she didn’t have feelings for him. And after losing his brother a couple of years ago, she’s trying to pick up the pieces and carry on for the sake of their son. Having Burke back on the scene is bittersweet. She can still see the man she fell for all those years ago, and she also sees the mature man he’s become who is bringing her son out of his lonely shell more than she’s seen since his father died. They say you can’t go back again … but is it possible to start fresh regardless of the past between them?


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