* Review * THREE COURAGEOUS WORDS by Elle James

* Review * THREE COURAGEOUS WORDS by Elle JamesThree Courageous Words by Elle James
Series: Mission: Six
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on August 1, 2018
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Once, he had to leave her behind…

Will she now trust him with her life?

The woman he just rescued is the one “Buck” Graham Buckner lost when he had to pull a vanishing act. Now the navy SEAL has to get Angela Vega out of Africa before the warlord he came to the continent to find kills them both. But the beautiful physician has children in her care, so they embark on a treacherous journey to protect them. Now Buck has a new mission—rekindling the love he never forgot.


Danger abounds as this SEAL team continues their mission! With the third book in her Mission: Six series, Elle James brings us Buck’s story. He had a past that he was running from when he joined the service, and this mission runs him smack dab into the one person he regretted having to leave behind. The story is packed full of dangerous situations, sweet memories and a satisfying reconnection. Enjoyed it and looking forward to more!

While on a secret mission in Africa, Navy SEAL Graham “Buck” Buckner sees a familiar face in a situation that instantly terrifies him! He can’t believe his eyes, but his college girlfriend who he left behind without even a goodbye when he had to go on the run is about to run into a group of terrorists. He has to get her out of there!

Dr. Angela Vega is with Doctors Without Borders at a refugee camp when she decides to march in protest with the locals to demand the resources that should have been coming to their camp. She is clueless to the danger about to cross her path, but even when Buck snatches her from the street, she’s spitting mad and fighting against leaving her mission! Will he be able to accomplish helping the kids she has in her care while dodging the danger that’s right on their heals?


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