* Review * TRIBAL BLOOD by Jenna Kernan

* Review * TRIBAL BLOOD by Jenna KernanTribal Blood by Jenna Kernan
Series: Apache Protectors: Wolf Den
Published by Harlequin Intrigue on March 1, 2018
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He will always fight to protect

those who cannot protect themselves.

In the throes of labor, Kasey Doka escaped her captors and their underground surrogacy ring to find Colt Redhorse. Though he’d sought seclusion on the Apache reservation for months, Colt and Kasey share something that goes deeper than tribal blood. Colt’s time as a marine left him with nightmares, but his training also gave him a certain set of skills. No one is taking this woman…or this child.


Love … everlasting? No one has been able to reach him, but when his one true love needs his help, Colt answers her call! An exciting story that showcases the heart of the surrogacy ring this series has been leading up to. It’s a fast paced read and we get to know another Redhorse brother. Looking forward to more in the series!

The first person captive Kacey Doka thinks of to go to for help when she escapes her prison is Colt Redhorse. Her high school sweetheart, the man she thought she would spend her future with until he went off to war and left her behind, the man she still thinks of as her only love.

Colt Redhorse has been hiding out in a remote cabin for months, even from his own family because of the mental scars he brought back from Afghanistan with him. When Kacey approaches and he realizes she’s in labor and desperately in need of help, he can’t stand by and do nothing. He has to dig deep and find the strength to help the woman he still loves … and the baby she’s bringing into this world!


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