I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * UNTOUCHED UNTIL HER ULTRA-RICH HUSBAND by Dani CollinsUntouched Until Her Ultra-Rich Husband by Dani Collins
Published by Harlequin Presents on June 1, 2019
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The only woman to challenge him…

…is the only woman he’ll marry!

Multibillionaire Gabriel Dean is so outrageously wealthy that when computer genius Luli Cruz uses her skills to hold his inheritance to ransom, her audacity simply amuses him! Innocent Luli needs Gabriel’s help to avoid destitution. Gabriel’s solution? He’ll secure both their futures by marrying her! But sweeping wide-eyed Luli into his luxurious world, Gabriel discovers the chemistry with his untouched wife is priceless…


Very unique back story! It’s not unusual to find a virginal bride in a Harlequin Presents plot, but the past of this heroine made her even more innocent and easy to take into a reader’s heart. She’s feisty when she needs to be, but beneath the front, she’s a wide-eyed youth just learning the way of the world. I really enjoyed watching him take her under his wing and their affection for each other grow into a red-hot love affair!

Gabriel Dean receives correspondence that his grandmother is dying and heads to Singapore to get her affairs in order. Upon arrival, he finds that her assistant is a waif of a young lady who has handled the day to day workings of his grandmother’s fortune with the utmost of care and is now locking him out of having access until she gets her demands met. He finds her amusing and agrees to play her little game temporarily!

Lucrecia Cruz knows she has no other option than to make sure her place in this world is secure or she’ll disappear into nothingness. She doesn’t really want to harm Gabriel or his grandmother’s memory, but she sees no other option than the one she’s taking. Gabriel on the other-hand has a plan all of his own … she will return with him to New York and become his bride!


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