* REVIEW * ZERO TO SIXTY by Marie Harte

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* REVIEW *  ZERO TO SIXTY by Marie HarteZero to Sixty by Marie Harte
Series: Body Shop Bad Boys Book 3
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on February 7, 2017
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After her last disaster of a relationship, Ivy Stephens is content being single. She has her job, her apartment-and the cute little puppy she's seen hanging around. When he escapes, she finds her search efforts aided by a big, burly, devastatingly handsome man. One who claims a prior claim on her dog.

Sam Hamilton is at loose ends since his best friend fell in love. He finds a sense of purpose in rescuing strays. The puppy who's stolen his heart just happens to run into blond, beautiful Ivy. And Sam can't help hoping she'll take in one more stray-him-for good.

If you’ve been following Marie Harte’s Body Shop Bad Boys series, you’ll recognize Sam quickly.  We have known that he carried a lot of baggage from his past from seeing him in Foley’s book in particular, so it’s not surprising that this book brings a good bit of sadness and anger to the surface.  He’s not easy to connect with, but you definitely want that happy ending for him.  He’s such a good guy at heart.

Mechanic Sam Hamilton had a hard time adjusting when his best friend, who is also like a brother to him, found the love of his life and wasn’t his sidekick anymore, but he’s been doing some good with his extra time and helping stray animals get a safe place to stay and finding them forever homes.  He’s on a mission for one cute puppy in particular when he approaches Ivy Stephens.

Ivy is a bit of a loner herself, so when she sees the adorable stray outside her massage clinic, she can’t resist taking him home with her.  When Sam shows up looking for him, he has recently gotten loose again, so Sam agrees to help her find him.  Sam’s an awkward guy, but she can’t help but be attracted to him … especially when he cares so much about this puppy!

As they spend time together and agree they are both interested in the other, will blending their lives together work out?  Will the secrets of their past and the scars they both carry from their childhood blow up in their faces before they even get started, or will they find a way to get past it all and start a life together?


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