REVIEW: Surrendering to the Sheriff

Surrendering to the Sheriff


The continuation of the Sweetwater Ranch saga does not disappoint!  Exciting drama awaits you throughout the book as you follow the continuation of the hunt for answers.

Jewell O’Neal is in jail awaiting trial for murdering her rumored lover, Whitt Braddock, 23 years ago.  Her sister, Kendall is trying to prove her innocence, but hits a speed bump in her investigation when she has a one night stand with Whitt’s son, Aiden, that results in an unplanned pregnancy.

Aiden finds out about the baby as he’s trying to rescue Jewell from kidnappers who want evidence in the case destroyed.  Will the lifelong feud between their families out way the feelings that fly between them every time they are close to each other?  Read the book to see if Aiden can keep Jewell and the baby safe, and if love will prevail.

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