REVIEW: The Pregnancy Plot — Carol Ericson

The Pregnancy Plot


The continuation of the Brothers in Arms: Retribution series kept the intensity high with The Pregnancy Plot!  This was a quick read because I was too tied up in to seeing what happened next and didn’t put it down much in between chapters.

It picks up in Los Angeles with letting us meet Nina Moore, the ex-fiance of Simon Skinner who was the gunman responsible for the lab destruction in the prior book in the series, Under Fire.  Nina gets scared because she thinks someone is stalking her, possibly Simon, so she moves back home to Washington to fix up the Bed & Breakfast her Mother and Step-father ran prior to their deaths.  She had tried to locate Simon after they broke up because she found out she was pregnant, but was not able to find him.  She can’t shake this feeling of being watched and when strange things start happening around her, she is quick to pick up and go home.

Back in Washington, she quickly meets Jase Bennett, former Marine currently working for Jack Coburn as a Special Ops Agent at Prospero.  He passes himself off as Jase Buckley, a man just out of the military looking for a quiet place to write a book about his experiences.  His true objective is to keep Nina safe in case Tempest is after her while Jack investigates Max Duvall’s intel to see if there’s any truth to his stories of what happened with Simon.

With bodies accumulating around town, will Jase be able to keep Nina safe?  Who is connected to who, and what truth will come out?

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REVIEW: Under Fire

Under Fire


Exciting read!

The book grabs your attention from the very first page and doesn’t let go until the end. It starts out with a shoot out in Ava’s lab where she is the only employee left standing, then the gunman turns the gun on her. At the last minute she’s rescued by Max, who vows to keep her safe.

The book follows them on the run as they race to find a cure for Max’s brainwashing while at the same time, running for their lives from a covert ops agency who is trying to re-control Max.

Read to find out if they make it through, and to see where their desire for one another leads. Highly recommended read!

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