BOOK REVIEW – Her Secret Christmas Hero – Mallory Kane

Her Secret Christmas Hero


A heartwarming little Christmas tale!  A fast easy read that will make you smile.

Allie McHale is preparing the barn to spend Christmas Eve there with her horse.  There’s a storm coming, and she wants to be able to keep an eye on CeCe because she’s days away from having her first foal.  When she’s getting the last of her supplies set up in the barn, she hears the unmistakeable sound of a vehicle crashing over the embankment a half a mile from her Montana farm.

She makes her way there through the snowstorm and finds one lone survivor.  A prisoner in handcuffs.  She gets him loose from the vehicle and takes him back to the barn with her to wait out the storm.

Jake Reeves was being transported back to Seattle to testify against his father and brother who are big into organized crime.

Once the storm passes, Jake is taken back into custody and heads off to testify.  Will they be able to forget each other and the night they shared in her barn?

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