REVIEW – Texas Prey – Barb Han

Texas Prey


Really enjoyed this book!  It keeps you guessing until the end of who the kidnapper is.

Rebecca Hughes has come back to town after years away because her Mom isn’t doing well.  Strange things start happening and she gets spooked and calls her old boyfriend Brody Fields who she heard had just gotten back to town too.  She knows if anyone can keep her safe, it’s Brody.

When Rebecca was 12 and her little brother Shane was 7, they were abducted in the night.  Rebecca escaped a day and a half later, but Shane was never found.  Now that the 15th anniversary has rolled around, she thinks the kidnapper is back to get her again.

Brody gathers the old school gang that they hung out with and gets them to help fit some puzzle pieces together from that night and general time frame to see if they missed anything.  They follow a few leads and figure out who it was.  But will they be able to catch him?  And is Shane still out there somewhere or was he killed years ago?

** Purchased **