BOOK REVIEW – Caught – Clare James



LOVED this book!  It’s super hot and steamy from the very first page, and I loved the characters.  He’s supposed to be some stuck up famous jerk, but he’s just a down to earth guy that not many people ever take the time to really know.  And she likes that side of him … a lot!  I didn’t want the book to end, I was ready for more of these two.

Vivian Blake works for Elite Public Relations in Atlanta, but she’s been dreaming of making it to the New York office for a long time now.  Her boss keeps holding her back and refusing to send her there … but hands her a new client that she says will get her the job she’s been wanting if she succeeds in cleaning up his image and getting him to the big race in 2 months.

Jarod Cage is a NASCAR hottie, who has been caught with his pants down.  Literally.  A tape of him getting it on has been leaked to the press … and now Viv needs to put a different spin on it and clean up his image.

Will she be able to keep him under control long enough to get to that big race?  And when heat flies between the two of them over and over again, will she really want to control it?

**  Received free in exchange for an honest review **