REVIEW: Rescued by the Ranger – Dixie Lee Brown

Rescued by the Ranger

5 STARS!!!

My first read of a Dixie Lee Brown novel, and I was NOT disappointed!

It all starts with Army Ranger Garrett Harding finding a letter in his fathers desk drawer.  Sent a year ago, addressed to he and his brother Luke, it’s from his Aunt Peg, his mother’s sister, inviting them to the reading of their mother’s will following her death.  Angry that their father withheld the letter from him, Garrett sets off on a road trip to see his Aunt Peg.  For 29 years he’s been told that his mother was a druggie who abandoned her two sons, never to be heard from again.  He’s lived with that rejection all of his life and feels the need to have some closure and see what his aunt has to say.

When he arrives in town, he stumbles across Rachel Macquire being harassed in the bar that she works by some locals.  He comes to her aid and wants to see her safely home, but when she finds out who he is, she’s fit to be tied.  Reluctantly she takes him to see his Aunt Peg who she lives with, and he will learn the truth about his mother.  While there, he and Rachel are drawn to each other despite the turmoil, and he learns a secret she’s been hiding from even those closest to her.  She has a stalker.

Will Garrett be able to keep her safe from this unknown person who has been terrorizing her for years?  Will Rachel be able to trust him even though she thinks he brought pain to his mother time and again before she died?  Will they survive to decide take a chance on love with each other?  Read the book to find out all the juicy details!

** Received free from Dixie/Edelweiss to review **