BOOK REVIEW – Clandestine Christmas – Elle James

Clandestine Christmas


A great end to the Covert Cowboys, Inc. series!  This one is filled with intrigue from the very first chapter until the last.

Billionaire rancher Chase Marsden is determined to help his old friend Sadie Lovely when she comes to him saying that she thinks someone is following her.  He hires a bodyguard from Covert Cowboys, Inc. to come and protect her.

Kate Rivers is a former Texas Ranger, now taking on her first job as a private bodyguard.  Just as she arrives into town, an attempt is made on Sadie’s life.  She and Chase team up to try to track down who is behind it.  During their investigation, they find Sadie’s notorious black book naming some high up political figures from when she was a Madam.

Will Chase & Kate decide to act on the attraction they are feeling for each other?  Will they be able to track down the killer or killers before they make another attempt on Sadie?

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BOOK REVIEW – High Country Hideout – Elle James

High Country Hideout


If you’re looking for lots of intrigue, with some feel-good romance to boot, I highly recommend this book!  I’m always a big fan of Elle James novels, but the characters in this one were especially endearing.

Angus Ketchum is fresh out of the Army after a 6 month hospital and rehab stay for injuries sustained in Afghanistan.  He’s been hired by CW Reinhardt, the foreman of Last Chance Ranch in Fool’s Fortune, CO to be a ranch hand secretly posing as a body guard for the ranch owner.

Ranch owner, Reggie Davis lost her husband last year and is raising their 5 year old son Tad with the help of CW and his wife Jo.  Too many convenient accidents around the ranch in recent months have CW worried that something sinister is going on.

Angus and Reggie are attracted to each other from the moment they meet and brush against each other during a fall from a horse.  As the days go by and they work the ranch together, they grow closer.  Tad also grows attached to Angus and his dog Ranger.  When the mystery all comes to a head and they catch who is sabotaging the ranch, will Angus be able to leave to head on to his next job with Covert Cowboys Inc, or will he decide he wants to stay on and enjoy this ready made family?

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REVIEW – SEAL’s Defiance – Elle James

SEAL's Defiance


Declan “Irish” O-Shea, member of Navy SEAL Team 10, is in Somalia to take down a rebel group that is taking over villages and killing the locals.  During the mission, things go awry and Irish is injured and left for dead.  Lucky for him, Dr. Claire Boyette had seen it happen and saw where his body landed.  She hid him under brush and debris while the rebels circled around looking for survivors, then when it was safe, took him to her tent in the village she was staying in to tend his wounds and let him heal.

When the rebels arrive in her village, Irish slips out the back and escapes.  Claire and her colleague are taken by gunpoint to tend the rebel leader who was injured in the raid.  After patching him back together, Claire is taken to a tent and left while her colleague is taken somewhere in an SUV.  Luckily Irish followed Claire and rushes in to rescue her as she is about to be raped by one of the rebels.  They manage to make their way to Irish’s camp to safety.

They get intel of where Claire’s colleague may be, and set off on a mission to rescue him.  Read to find out what happens!

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REVIEW – Protecting the Colton Bride – Elle James

Protecting the Colton Bride


Elle James does it again!  Always such a pleasure to read one of her books.  I fell in love with these characters from the beginning and couldn’t stop devouring page after page to see what was going to happen.  Very down to earth characters, easy to relate to.

Megan Talbot needs money to buy her prized horses before her angry father makes good on his threat to sell them to a glue factory if she doesn’t move back home to California.

Daniel Colton needs a blue blood connection to impress the owner of the prized stud he wants to work with to take his horse breeding operation to the next level.

Instant solution!  Daniel proposes they elope to Vegas, and Megan agrees it’s an ideal fix to both their problems!  Megan will get her inheritance from her grandmother upon marrying, giving her the funds to save her horses.  Daniel will gain the connection to an influential family that he feels he needs to improve his chances of a stud deal with Kennedy Farms.

The perfect plan.  Only strange things start happening around them.  An incident with a horse, an illness, malfunctioning equipment, etc.  Someone is after Megan … but why?

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REVIEW: Hellfire, Texas

Hellfire, Texas

HELLFIRE, TEXAS — by Elle James — Part of the 12-Alarm Cowboys Collection


This book really drew me in from the start, and I didn’t put it down until I had read it all.  The characters are very easy to relate to, and you find yourself wanting to reach through the book and pinch some sense into Kinsey in the beginning when she’s not wanting the truth to come out.  Eventually she sees reason and you can relax again.

The story starts with Becket Grayson stumbling across old family friend, Kinsey Phillips, in need of help on the road leading to his family’s ranch.  When Becket finds out she’s fleeing an abusive ex, he is intent on helping her.  His family gets on board and they vow to keep her safe.  Being in close quarters with Becket causes the old crush Kinsey had on him to come rushing back, and he is finding grown up Kinsey hard to resist as well.  Read the book to find out what happens in this attraction of two childhood friends, and see if she is truly rid of her abusive ex or not.  I didn’t want this one to end!

** Received free from Elle to review **