REVIEW: Having Her Boss’s Baby — Maureen Child

Having Her Boss's Baby


An enjoyable read!  You are introduced to Brady Finn, and to see him on the surface he comes off as some rich mogul who cares about making money and is standoffish and cold to all he meets, very single minded in work, work, work.  But then when you see him interact with his business partners, Mike and Sean Ryan, and you see what a brother-like relationship the three of them have together, you see a softer side.  And then in walks Aine Donovan.  She’s the Manager of the hotel the partners have just bought in Ireland.  The second she and Brady meet, there are sparks.  They are attracted to each other instantly, and seem to irritate each other just as quickly.  They fight their feelings for each other for weeks while they work on the remodel plans for the hotel, growing closer every day, and then one night, they give in to their passion.  She heads back to Ireland almost immediately after, and when he goes to visit several months later, he learns he’s going to be a Daddy.

Will he learn how to have a true relationship even though he feels like he’s never known love?  Will she learn how to reach through and break down the stone wall he has built around his heart?

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