BOOK REVIEW – Your B&B or Mine – Melissa West

Your B&B or Mine


A sweet romance, interwoven with past regrets and memories.

Savannah Hale returns home to the town she never thought she’d see again.  Maple Cove, Georgia holds too many memories of love shared, and lost for her.  Now she’s back to bury her Mom and deal with the details surrounding the family B & B.

Logan Park hasn’t been back in Maple Cove, GA in years either.  Now he’s back to make sure the real estate company he works for will be able to buy the B & B.

Savannah and Logan have history … he was her high school sweetheart Will’s best friend.  Will & Logan joined the Army together after high school, and Will was killed in combat.  Savannah has missed Will all these years, but she’s missed Logan just as much … or more.  Can they finally admit to their feelings for one another and get past the guilt they also feel to share a future?

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