REVIEW – This Love of Mine – Miranda Liasson

This Love of Mine


A sweet love story that makes you believe that true love never dies!

Megan Halloran is an overworked owner of a a bridal shop whose business partner is out on bed rest with twins.  Meg is trying to pick up the slack, as well as win a loan to renovate and expand their shop, while still taking care of errands and housework for her ailing mother.

Benjamin Rushford is back in town vying for an ER Residency position at the hospital.  His Grandfather was the town doctor, and Ben wants to keep his memory alive and make him proud by following in his foot steps of caring for his old hometown’s residents.

Meg and Ben run into each other, and the sparks fly.  Meg has been in love with Ben since she was 10 years old.  Ben had been her brother Patrick’s best friend, and they had started a teenage romance that fell apart when her brother died when she was 16.  Ben felt guilty about Patrick’s death and couldn’t bring himself to be around Meg anymore, so he pulled away from her and started treating her like a stranger, then went off to college and med school.

Now Ben needs Meg’s help getting the job he wants at the hospital, and she happily tells him no, but when he helps her with an emergency during one of her fittings, she feels obligated to return the favor.  Will she be able to help him get his dream job?  Will she pull off getting the loan she wants for her bridal shop even though the cards are crumbling against her?  And when Meg gets proof that lets Ben know he can no longer blame himself for not saving her brother, can he let go of the past and finally admit to his feelings for her that he’s buried for so many years?

** Received free from Net Galley to review **