REVIEW: The Princess and the Player

The Princess and the Player


The continuation of the Montoro’s Dynasty did NOT disappoint!

In preparation of her brother Gabriel taking the throne as King of Alma, Bella Montoro leaves her party girl lifestyle in Miami behind to show family support in Alma. To her dismay, her father has an arranged marriage in mind for her with Will Rowling. She grudgingly agrees to meet him, but first runs smack into his twin brother James. The sexy soccer/football player flirts shamelessly and intrigues Bella.

Does Bella stay true to the family and marry boring Will to further the royal business relationships, or will she throw responsibility to the wind and choose the brother that sets her on fire with just a look? Watch as Bella learns to grow up and fall in love and make her way through the twists and turns that life decides to throw at her.

Very enjoyable read. I read it from cover to cover without putting it down!

** Received free from Kat to Review **