BOOK REVIEW – Triple Dare – Regina Kyle

Triple Dare


A sizzling hot fireman … yes please!  And not only is he hot, but he’s adorably sweet too!

Ivy Nelson returns home after years of roaming the glob as a fashion photographer to help her parents out after a medical crisis.  While there, she’s filing in for the town photographer, Hank, who is out with an injury.  Her first agenda is to finish up a calendar that’s proceeds will go to the local animal shelter.  And the fireman left to photograph is Mr. December.

Cade Hardesty is easy on the eyes to photograph and Ivy loves busting his chops while doing it.  Cade has been her twin brother Gabe’s best friend since kindergarten and they all three grew up together.  What no one knows though, is that Ivy has been secretly in love with Cade that whole time.

When circumstances put them in close quarters, they can no longer resist the attraction between them.  Will they be able to walk away after their fun is over, or will they decide to try to make a relationship work?

** Received free from Regina to review **