REVIEW – Share the Moon – Sharon Struth

Share the Moon


A heartwarming story of overcoming obstacles to find love and happiness!

Sophie Shaw, divorced mother of 3, is trying to purchase a neighboring vineyard to run it with her Dad and brother.  She’s days away from signing the deal, when a developer swoops in and steals the deal away from her.

Duncan Jamieson, widowed father of 2, is said developer.  He used to vacation in the area with his family when he was younger, and the property in question belonged to his adopted brother’s birth father, so he wants him to have a piece of his heritage.  He remembers having a crush on Sophie years ago when his family visited her father’s bait shop.

Sophie received anonymous tips at the newspaper she works at, leading her to investigate Duncan’s family because of a past police report that seems to have disappeared.  As time passes, she and Duncan grow closer and she feels guilty about questioning his word.  Duncan learns about the heartache Sophie has suffered, and together they solve the years old mystery of his family.

**  I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review  **