BOOK REVIEW – A Cold Creek Christmas Story – RaeAnne Thayne



RaeAnne never fails in weaving a magical family atmosphere that you can sink into for several hours as you enjoy her books.  This one touched me because you met one person who had been touched by trauma as a child who was able to reach through and help another child suffering the same way.

Celeste Nichols loves living in Pine Gulch, Idaho.  When a children’s book that she wrote becomes super popular, she doesn’t much enjoy the popularity of that.

When she runs into Flynn Delaney, she remembers how kind he was to her when they were young and can’t help but remember the crush she had on him.  He’s in town with his little girl, Olivia who is suffering with how to deal with moving past the things that happened to her and things she saw.

Will Celeste be able to help Olivia?  And will the attraction brewing between her and Flynn be a passing thing or is there a possibility of a future there?

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  1. This sounds like such a great read to curl up with.


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