BOOK REVIEW – A Cold Creek Christmas Story – RaeAnne Thayne



RaeAnne never fails in weaving a magical family atmosphere that you can sink into for several hours as you enjoy her books.  This one touched me because you met one person who had been touched by trauma as a child who was able to reach through and help another child suffering the same way.

Celeste Nichols loves living in Pine Gulch, Idaho.  When a children’s book that she wrote becomes super popular, she doesn’t much enjoy the popularity of that.

When she runs into Flynn Delaney, she remembers how kind he was to her when they were young and can’t help but remember the crush she had on him.  He’s in town with his little girl, Olivia who is suffering with how to deal with moving past the things that happened to her and things she saw.

Will Celeste be able to help Olivia?  And will the attraction brewing between her and Flynn be a passing thing or is there a possibility of a future there?

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REVIEW — Evergreen Springs – RaeAnne Thayne

Evergreen Springs


I highly recommend this heartwarming Christmas romance!

Cole Barrett is an overwhelmed single father who has only had custody of his 2 kids for a few months, after their mother was killed in a car accident.  Six year old Ty is a super lovable little guy who just wants everyone to be happy.  Eight year old Jazmyn has a big chip on her shoulder and doesn’t want to live there.  She’s just waiting for the day that grandma will come to take her home with her.

Dr. Devin Shaw is the town sweetheart, having grown up there and spent her whole life there other than when she was away at medical school.  When Cole brings his sister into the hospital  with a sprained ankle and in premature labor with twins, Devin steps in to help keep Tricia’s mind at ease while she’s on bed rest and can’t help him at the ranch.  She gathers the community to help feed the kids, she babysits them while he’s working with his horses, she even enlists her sister, the mayor’s help in finding the perfect housekeeper to start as soon as possible.

Along the way, Cole and Devin each fight hard to control their attraction to each other.  He thinks that even though he’s a hard working man trying to make a life with his kids, that he’s still defined by the wild guy he was back in his rodeo days.  The hard partying, womanizer who can’t even remember the bar fight that sent him to prison, just can’t forgive himself for the past deeds that he’s done and instead keeps to himself so the community won’t feel the need to shun him.

Spending time with Devin brings out a side of Cole that he doesn’t show with anyone else.  He laughs, he goes to town functions, he lives!  When Cole panics about what he’s feeling for Devin and tries to push her out of his life, will she listen?  And will he be able to let her go so she can be with someone better than him?  Devin loves him, but she doesn’t know if she can trust in what she thinks he feels for her too.

** Received free from RaeAnne to review **