** Book Review ** HUNTED by Elizabeth Heiter



I’ve had the first couple of the books in this series on my “To Be Read” pile for a few months, and I finally got an opportunity to pick the first one up today, and I’m so happy I did!  It was hard to put down and I kept hurrying to get back to it anytime I did have to take a break.  The main character is a tough chick and I really enjoyed seeing her work.  Can’t wait to read the next two that I have waiting and will eagerly await the 4th one being released!

Evelyn Baine is an FBI profiler and is sent to a small town in Virginia called Bakersville when they find a couple of women murdered and partially buried in a remote wooded area.  She sets out to do a profile on the murderer and find out as much info as she can to help track him down.

The killer is behind the scenes watching them try to find him.  He sets his sights on Evelyn and plans a special punishment for her.

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