REVIEW:  SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge — Elle Jame

  5 STARS! I really enjoyed this book!  Hope there are more to come with the other character's stories. :) It starts out with Cory "Reaper" Nipton … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Having Her Boss’s Baby — Maureen Child

4 STARS! An enjoyable read!  You are introduced to Brady Finn, and to see him on the surface he comes off as some rich mogul who cares about making … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: The Pregnancy Plot — Carol Ericson

5 STARS! The continuation of the Brothers in Arms: Retribution series kept the intensity high with The Pregnancy Plot!  This was a quick read because … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Hellfire, Texas

HELLFIRE, TEXAS -- by Elle James -- Part of the 12-Alarm Cowboys Collection 5 STARS This book really drew me in from the start, and I didn't put it … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: The Rebel Cowboy’s Quadruplets

4 STARS! Justin Morant lets his friend, Ty Spurlock, talk him into going to Bridesmaids Creek, Texas while he recovers from a rodeo injury that ended … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Surrendering to the Sheriff

5 STARS! The continuation of the Sweetwater Ranch saga does not disappoint!  Exciting drama awaits you throughout the book as you follow the … [Continue reading]

REVIEW: Breaking Her Rules

5 STARS! Jennifer Snow has a knock-out on her hands here! I really enjoyed this book! From the first couple of sentences of Chapter one, you are … [Continue reading]


I am having to tear myself away from a book to come and do this update, so I hope you enjoy it. 😀 I'm reading Breaking Her Rules by Jennifer … [Continue reading]


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Lots of reading …

Luckily it was a fairly quiet day again today, giving me time to do some reading and reviewing.  I have a couple more books at the top of my list, but … [Continue reading]