REVIEW – Magic Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Magic Kiss


A heartwarming tale of finding love again after loss!

Emma Locke is a 26 year old widow and single Mom to 10 year old son, Drew.  Her husband Andrew was a Marine killed in action 6 years earlier.  After dealing with her initial grief, she had to find a way to support herself and her son, so she began writing romance novels.  She became quite a hit with a series, pumping out book after book, but then writer’s block hit.  For the last 2 years, she’s been trying to get the final 2 books of the series completed with no success.

Logan Dorsey was the Marine in charge the day her husband died.  He and Andrew had gone through training together and forged a lasting friendship.  He can’t get over his guilt over making it home when Andrew didn’t.  He still suffers from PTSD and night terrors and is currently on leave with his job as a NYPD undercover detective while he gets his head together.

Emma is shocked when Logan calls her while she’s in meetings in New York to tell her that Drew just showed up on his doorstep.  Drew was supposed to be at camp, and snuck out and took a bus in the middle of the night to see his godfather, Logan.  He wants to know his dad through Logan’s eyes since they were best friends.

When Emma shows up to get Drew, sparks fly.  After hearing how her meetings went with editors, etc., Logan invites her to stay a few weeks to work on her writing while he spends time with Drew while he’s on summer break.  They had avoided each other for 5 years because of the attraction they had felt for each other back then, with each feeling like the other was off limits because of their connections to Andrew.  They again try to fight the sparks, but eventually decide they are going to enjoy their time together while she’s there.

Will Emma and Drew be able to show Logan a type of love that he doesn’t think can exist?  He’s never been in love, and had horrible examples during his childhood, so what does he have to go on?  And will Logan be able to be the man that show Emma how special she is?  Can they have a happily-ever-after or will they part ways when she heads home to Seattle and it’s time for him to return to NY?

** Received free from Melanie Shawn to review **

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