BOOK REVIEW – Lucky Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Lucky Kiss


Another sweet, yet sexy hot, love story by Melanie Shawn!

Lucas “Lucky” Dorsey had decided to join the rest of his family in Hope Falls, CA.  HIs twin brother Logan, older brother Levi, cousin Adam and his Dad, Charlie AKA Pops, the newly reconciled member of the family, all have made their home in this cozy little town.  Lucky is coming off of an awesome win in his MMA fighting career, but his head hasn’t been in the game since.

Deanna Bishop is also new to town and is the first female firefighter Hope Falls Fire Department has ever had.  She’s got a history with fame in the family, so when she runs across the big bad MMA hero, she’s quick to turn and run at the attraction she instantly feels for him.

Lucky is blown away by what he feels for her, and it energizes him to get his gym up and running and start getting his head back into training again.  Can he convince Deanna that he’s an okay guy or will she continue to give him the cold shoulder?

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REVIEW – Magic Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Magic Kiss


A heartwarming tale of finding love again after loss!

Emma Locke is a 26 year old widow and single Mom to 10 year old son, Drew.  Her husband Andrew was a Marine killed in action 6 years earlier.  After dealing with her initial grief, she had to find a way to support herself and her son, so she began writing romance novels.  She became quite a hit with a series, pumping out book after book, but then writer’s block hit.  For the last 2 years, she’s been trying to get the final 2 books of the series completed with no success.

Logan Dorsey was the Marine in charge the day her husband died.  He and Andrew had gone through training together and forged a lasting friendship.  He can’t get over his guilt over making it home when Andrew didn’t.  He still suffers from PTSD and night terrors and is currently on leave with his job as a NYPD undercover detective while he gets his head together.

Emma is shocked when Logan calls her while she’s in meetings in New York to tell her that Drew just showed up on his doorstep.  Drew was supposed to be at camp, and snuck out and took a bus in the middle of the night to see his godfather, Logan.  He wants to know his dad through Logan’s eyes since they were best friends.

When Emma shows up to get Drew, sparks fly.  After hearing how her meetings went with editors, etc., Logan invites her to stay a few weeks to work on her writing while he spends time with Drew while he’s on summer break.  They had avoided each other for 5 years because of the attraction they had felt for each other back then, with each feeling like the other was off limits because of their connections to Andrew.  They again try to fight the sparks, but eventually decide they are going to enjoy their time together while she’s there.

Will Emma and Drew be able to show Logan a type of love that he doesn’t think can exist?  He’s never been in love, and had horrible examples during his childhood, so what does he have to go on?  And will Logan be able to be the man that show Emma how special she is?  Can they have a happily-ever-after or will they part ways when she heads home to Seattle and it’s time for him to return to NY?

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REVIEW – Secret Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Secret Kiss


I am really loving these Dorsey men!

Adam Dorsey spent 8 years in the Army, a few years as a private contractor, dabbled with the CIA, developed and sold a very successful app, and now specializes in IT issues.  He comes to Hope Falls, CA as soon as he receives a call from his cousin Levi, wanting him to track down info on Levi’s estranged father who had just shown up in town after decades of no contact.  While staying with Levi and his new bride Shelby for a short time, Adam saw Jane Marshall walk into Levi’s bar.  He was dumbstruck with an attraction so strong … something unlike he’d ever felt before.  He decided to stay in town for awhile and got a short term rental on a house.

Jane is a successful business woman, but is extremely socially awkward and notorious for her clutzy behavior when having to interact with people.  She was a brain who graduated high school at 15, had her Bachelor’s Degree at 17 and a Masters Degree by 20.  She had a few disaster relationships under her belt through the years, but nothing prepared her for the feeling she got when she spied Adam in the bar.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, didn’t hear her friends talking to her … all she saw was this perfect man standing across the room.

As fate (and her matchmaking friends) would have it, Adam is all of a sudden working in the same office as Jane on a daily basis.  Seeing each other constantly and being in close contact is driving each of them crazy.  Both are trying to fight their attraction so the other doesn’t know how they feel.  Eventually things start to happen to bring them together.  Will Jane be able to keep her cool when this hunk of a man is right next to her?  Will Adam decide to take a chance on life after the past he’s running from?  Will Jane be able to get past the truth when all of a sudden a wife from the past enters the picture?

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REVIEW – Perfect Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Perfect Kiss


Such a feel good love story … and HOT to boot! 🙂

Levi Dorsey is a 35 year old Bar Owner/Bartender who spent his childhood looking after his alcoholic Mom, then gave up his boxing dreams to take care of his twin brothers when she died.  It’s no wonder he has never wanted to be saddled with a long term relationship.  Quick affairs have been perfect with him, until he meets Shelby Kellan at a wedding that is.  He shares a hot kiss with her, and still can’t get her off his mind a year and a half later.  It just makes his day when she walks back into his bar.

Shelby is back, but she’s a shadow of the woman he met 18 months ago.  She’s hiding whatever brought her running to her brother’s for a visit, but Levi can tell she’s scared and that someone hurt her.  He offers her a job, and gives her a more private place to stay than her brothers, and lets it be known that he’s there for her if she wants to talk about what’s on her mind.  She doesn’t.  And the two of them spend weeks fighting their mutual attraction for each other.

Can Levi break down her walls and make her trust him?  And could Shelby actually be the one to make Levi want to think about forever?

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