REVIEW – Perfect Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Perfect Kiss


Such a feel good love story … and HOT to boot! 🙂

Levi Dorsey is a 35 year old Bar Owner/Bartender who spent his childhood looking after his alcoholic Mom, then gave up his boxing dreams to take care of his twin brothers when she died.  It’s no wonder he has never wanted to be saddled with a long term relationship.  Quick affairs have been perfect with him, until he meets Shelby Kellan at a wedding that is.  He shares a hot kiss with her, and still can’t get her off his mind a year and a half later.  It just makes his day when she walks back into his bar.

Shelby is back, but she’s a shadow of the woman he met 18 months ago.  She’s hiding whatever brought her running to her brother’s for a visit, but Levi can tell she’s scared and that someone hurt her.  He offers her a job, and gives her a more private place to stay than her brothers, and lets it be known that he’s there for her if she wants to talk about what’s on her mind.  She doesn’t.  And the two of them spend weeks fighting their mutual attraction for each other.

Can Levi break down her walls and make her trust him?  And could Shelby actually be the one to make Levi want to think about forever?

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