REVIEW – Secret Kiss – Melanie Shawn

Secret Kiss


I am really loving these Dorsey men!

Adam Dorsey spent 8 years in the Army, a few years as a private contractor, dabbled with the CIA, developed and sold a very successful app, and now specializes in IT issues.  He comes to Hope Falls, CA as soon as he receives a call from his cousin Levi, wanting him to track down info on Levi’s estranged father who had just shown up in town after decades of no contact.  While staying with Levi and his new bride Shelby for a short time, Adam saw Jane Marshall walk into Levi’s bar.  He was dumbstruck with an attraction so strong … something unlike he’d ever felt before.  He decided to stay in town for awhile and got a short term rental on a house.

Jane is a successful business woman, but is extremely socially awkward and notorious for her clutzy behavior when having to interact with people.  She was a brain who graduated high school at 15, had her Bachelor’s Degree at 17 and a Masters Degree by 20.  She had a few disaster relationships under her belt through the years, but nothing prepared her for the feeling she got when she spied Adam in the bar.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, didn’t hear her friends talking to her … all she saw was this perfect man standing across the room.

As fate (and her matchmaking friends) would have it, Adam is all of a sudden working in the same office as Jane on a daily basis.  Seeing each other constantly and being in close contact is driving each of them crazy.  Both are trying to fight their attraction so the other doesn’t know how they feel.  Eventually things start to happen to bring them together.  Will Jane be able to keep her cool when this hunk of a man is right next to her?  Will Adam decide to take a chance on life after the past he’s running from?  Will Jane be able to get past the truth when all of a sudden a wife from the past enters the picture?

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