* Review * PUCK’S PROPERTY by Monique Moreau

* Review * PUCK’S PROPERTY by Monique MoreauPuck's Property by Monique Moreau
Series: The Demon Squad MC #5
on January 21, 2021
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A lonely social worker.

A biker behind bars.

Can their red-hot passion set them free?

What if your first love was your one true love? Eight years ago, Puck broke Ava's heart. She picked up the pieces, patched them together, and kept going. Yet she never forgot him. When Puck sauntered through her office door at work, she was shocked to find a brawny, tatted-up biker dressed in an orange jumpsuit with the word INMATE stamped on the back.

What if you rediscovered the passion you carelessly threw away in your youth? For Puck, the only good thing about his trip to the jailhouse social worker's office was finding Ava again. All grown up, she looked luscious, and he bet she tasted even better.

Breaking up seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but no other woman could replace Ava. Fate brought them together again and Puck wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Ava was his property and he’d bring her to heel—no matter what it took. If that included blackmail, so be it. A biker never won by playing fair.

But what happens in jail doesn't always stay in jail, and dark forces conspire to divert destiny and tear these lovers apart. Will their love survive a second trial?


A fast paced reunion of first loves! With book five in her Demon Squad MC series Monique Moreau brings us Puck’s story and it was emotionally riveting! I wanted a little more depth to their back story and family connections, but overall a strong addition to the series and left me hoping for more from the Demon Squad!

Puck has always had an emotional pull since this series started because we knew he had raised his little sister by himself, so it was endearing to get to know more of his background and watch him get his happily ever after.

Ava is a strong and determined woman who used the pain of her past to fuel her desire to make something of herself and help others.

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who loves a close knit MC who is truly a family who supports each other through it all.


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