* Review * ROYAL DOC’S SECRET HEIR by Amy Ruttan

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * ROYAL DOC’S SECRET HEIR by Amy RuttanRoyal Doc's Secret Heir by Amy Ruttan
Series: Cinderellas to Royal Brides #2
Published by Harlequin Medical Romances on August 1, 2019
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A shock reunion…

A son reclaimed!

In this Cinderellas to Royal Brides story, Dr. Jeena Harrak’s returned home. Banished years ago by the King of Kaylana, upon falling pregnant with Prince Maazin’s baby, Jeena never had a chance to say goodbye to Maazin, or to tell him of his father’s cruelty. After revealing his heir, working alongside gorgeous yet closed-off doctor Maazin is harder than she ever imagined…but might their overwhelming connection be enough to reunite their family?

Cinderellas to Royal Brides duet
Book 1 — Surgeon Prince, Cinderella Bride
Book 2 — Royal Doc’s Secret Heir



Secrets always have a way of coming out! With the second book in the Cinderella to Royal Brides duet, Amy Ruttan brings us the story of Maazin and Jeena. Young lovers who were torn apart by no fault of their own are now free to rekindle their love … but can they get past the secrets in order to do so? The characters were interesting, the backstory attention catching and the plot enjoyable. Overall a good addition to the duet as a whole … really enjoyed getting to know this family.

A decade after being driven out of her home country of Kaylana, doctor Jeena Harrak is coming home to help render aid after a storm has ravaged the area. She’s not sure what kind of reception she’s going to get but she’s been assured she will be allowed back into the country.

Prince Maazin is shocked to see Jeena after all of these years. He had no clue that she was pregnant with his son when she up and disappeared with no warning so many years ago. His heartbreak over her desertion led to a spiraling downfall that he still regrets. Learning that he has a son he didn’t know about is life altering. Is there any hope of them becoming a true family together after all of this time?


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