I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.

* Review * THE ITALIAN’S VENGEFUL SEDUCTION by Bella FrancesThe Italian's Vengeful Seduction by Bella Frances
Series: Claimed by a Billionaire
Published by Harlequin Presents on May 1, 2017
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His tantalizing revenge!

Tycoon Marco Borsatto gave Stacey Jackson her first taste of pleasure…only to devastate her with accusations of treachery. Ever since, waitress Stacey has buried any hint of vulnerability behind a cool facade—she refuses to open herself up to hurt again.

Except Marco isn't a man to forgive and forget! When he rescues Stacey from another man, one look at Stacey's luscious form is enough to remind him of her bitter betrayal—and their electrifying magnetism!

Marco won't allow Stacey to slip through his fingers again: his touch will be his vengeance!

Lies, deception and innuendo take center stage in this 2nd half of the Claimed by a Billionaire duet by Bella Frances. I didn’t find the connection between the books to be all that deep, but none-the less, I enjoyed the story all on it’s own.

Marco Borsatto overcame his family’s very public downfall as a teen and went on to prosper in his professional life. He’s set on recouping one last thing that means a lot to him from his youth, and is only steps away from succeeding when he stumbles across a blast from the past. His high school girlfriend Stacey Jackson evidently has not had the same good fortune as him if the state she’s in when he runs into her is anything to go by!

Stacey Jackson has worked hard all of her life, but things just have not worked out well for her.  Now she’s thrust together with the only man she ever loved and his sanctimonious attitude. She can’t get a word in edge wise to correct his misconceptions from years ago … but the spark when he touches her has never been stronger!


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