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BOOK REVIEW – Her Accidental Husband – Ashlee Mallory

Her Accidental Husband


Payton Vaughn is headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for her best friend Kate’s wedding.  Her fiance Brad was supposed to be there with her, but flaked at the last minute for some work problem.  She was pretty rough on him when he cancelled, so decides to FaceTime him before she boards the plane.  She’s shocked to see him in a compromising position with another woman.

Cruz Sorenson is sitting across the airport also waiting to board the plane to Puerto Vallarta.  He’s the Best Man, and it’s his brother marrying Kate.  Upon learning that Payton would be traveling alone, Kate twisted his arm to delay his flight a day so he could be there along with her.

One thing after another happens to throw a wrench in them making it to the wedding on time.  Their plane has problems and they have to end up driving, then they are almost in an accident and the car ends up being damaged and leaving them delayed longer.  Along the way, Payton and Cruz realize the other one isn’t as bad as they originally thought.  She thought he was a workaholic jerk, and he thought she was an entitled trust-fund Princess.

Will Payton stick with calling of the wedding to Brad once she’s back home where her parents control her life?  Can she convince herself to take a chance on Cruz even though he’s consumed with work?

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BOOK REVIEW – Crosswinds – Elisabeth Naughton – Rising Storm, Episode 3



Best one yet!  I wanted this one to be longer because it was just getting good!

This episode centered mostly around the younger crowd.  Luis, Mallory, Lacey & Jeffry hanging out at Luis’s house and around town.  Lacey is spiraling out of control because she misses her brother Jacob, and her Mom is too busy fawning over Ginny during the times that she’s not floundering herself, and her Dad is not even around anymore.  She decides she wants Luis, and even though he’s dating her supposed best friend Mallory, she starts flirting hot and heavy and putting the moves on him.

Jeffry is working part time at the newspaper and finds out from Mallory that his Dad supposedly hit on her sister Dakota last year.  He doesn’t believe it, and warns Dakota to stay away from his family.

Ginny is upset after Lacey goes off on her about Jacob and walks to the park to calm down and sees that Logan Murphy is home from Afghanistan a week earlier than his family said he was going to be, and that he’s acting strange.

Can’t wait to find out more!

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BOOK REVIEW – Calling the Play – Samantha Kane

Calling the Play


HOT SEX ALERT!  Not for the faint at heart!  Must be okay with Male/Male and Menage!

Tyler Oakes heads into a bar in Birmingham, AL called Kitty Licks sure he’ll be getting laid that night.  As soon as he steps foot in the door, he realizes he’s in over his head in what looks like gang territory.  As the quarterback to the NFL Birmingham Rebels, he is in town early for some brainstorming sessions prior to the other guys showing up next week for preseason training.  Instead of the fun he was looking for, he has stumbled into the middle of under-cover cop Randi McInish’s drug bust about to go down.

Randi commandeers his Porsche to chase after the bad guys, getting it shot up, impounded and with a bullet grazing her arm, but that doesn’t stop her from taking Ty home with her for a hot night of sex!  Awkwardness almost derails their fun as they leave the police station and run into Brian Mason.  Brian is there checking on him for the Rebels and informs Ty that he’s his new coach.  Randi doesn’t know who he is, but there’s obviously some underlying tension between them.

Years earlier, they had fun together with various women, but Brian ducked and ran when Ty tried to get too serious.  Now he’s back because he can’t forget the one he let get away.  Will Ty decide to forgive him and trust him again?  And when they decide they want to enjoy Randi together, will she be game?

** Received free from Net Galley to review **